The sanitary napkins are used by the women in their menstrual cycle period. These are used for absorbing the bleeding and preventing the stains from damaging the clothes.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & cosmetics are the products that work for making the person look smart and refreshed. The products play a major role in making the personality of the person going for an event or party.

Baby Care Products
Babies skin is delicate which is why it is must for new parents to use baby care products that are gentle on their skin. Our company brings forth a range of daily use products that comprise massage oil, powder and soap to maintain their hygiene and supple skin.
Face Wash
A range of face wash made from papaya, lemon, neem, aloe vera and other natural plant-based ingredients is ideal for use by men and women to cleanse their skin. Each face wash is made to remove dirt, dust and oil from the skin.
Face Scrub
The extracts of papaya, pomegranate and apricot are used as ingredients in face scrubs for exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells. The cleansed and exfoliated skin absorbs other skincare products, like serum and moisturiser, in a better way.
Facial Gel
Facial gels are one of the skin care trends that have revolutionized the cosmetic industry. Made from cucumber, pomegranate, strawberry, orange, lemon and other extracts, these are ideal for use on irritated skin as these are refreshing and provide deeper hydration.
Face Pack
Face packs made from fruit extracts along with aloe vera extracts, rose extracts and sandalwood, can improve the appearance of the skin and overall skin health. A proper skincare routine can result in glowing, rejuvenated and refreshed skin.
Massage Cream
Fruit based massage creams provide lubrication to properly massage the facial skin and neck. The massage with this cream improves circulation, hydrates the skin, improves skin texture, revitalize the skin and provides a relaxing experience.
Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are used by the adults that have the excretion problems. The adults who cannot instantly go to the toilets use these diapers. The diapers are demanded in the hospitals and healthcare centers.

Face Cleansing Milk
Whether you want gold, diamond, pearl,  fruit or any other face cleansing milk, you have come to the right place. Using a cleansing milk is the first step in the skin care routine that deeply cleanses the facial skin without causing any dryness.
Rose Water
Spray rose water from the handy spray bottle to soothe irritated skin and uplift senses by its pleasant scent. The refreshing and soothing rose infused water is hydrating and rejuvenating.
Diaper Pants
Diaper pants are a type of disposable diaper that is designed to be worn like underwear. They have an elastic waistband and leg cuffs, making them easy to put on and take off. Diaper pants are commonly used for infants and toddlers who are starting to become more mobile and active, as they provide a secure and comfortable fit that allows for freedom of movement. They are also popular for older children and adults who require incontinence protection, as they are discreet and offer reliable leakage protection. Diaper pants are available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels to suit different needs.

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